US Bangladesh Advisory Council

DHAKA, BANGLADESH, January 6, 2012: U.S. Bangladesh Advisory Council, a Washington, D.C.,
based organization, in conjunction with the US Department of State and the US Embassy in
Bangladesh held   two major events in Dhaka as part of their Bangladeshi American Diaspora
Engagement Initiative.  Bangladeshi Americans who are successful in their careers in the United
States and between the ages of 25-45, attended a reception hosted by US Ambassador to
Bangladesh, the Honorable Daniel W. Mozena, at his home on Friday, January 4th.

The group met with their Bangladeshi professional counterparts on Saturday, January 5th at the
American Club and discussed forging collaboration with Bangladeshi private sector, think tanks,
NGOs, and academia.

In his featured remarks, Ambassador Mozena spoke about the bright future Bangladesh holds and
urged the young generation for their input and engagement in the prosperity of Bangladesh and its
people. The leadership of US Bangladesh Advisory Council welcomed the ongoing involvement of
Bangladeshi American diaspora in Bangladesh's economic development and invited them to
engage regularly with their Bangladesh-based counterparts and bring their expertise in technical
areas to bear on the development of both Bangladesh and the United States. USBAC also spoke
at length about its role in advising US development and trade policy towards Bangladesh as well
as its role in facilitating better governance in Bangladesh. The discussion led to break-out
sessions in the areas of IT, DEVELOPMENT, EDUCATION, LAW, HEALTH, ENERGY and
INFRASTRUCTURE. Members of the group later visited the newly built Edward M. Kennedy Center.

At these events, US Bangladesh Advisory Council proposed the establishment of a PROBASHI
DIBOSH honoring the Bangladeshis living and settled overseas for their continuous support and
contribution for the development of Bangladesh, their motherland and its people. It urged
Bangladeshi civil society, think tanks, academia, students, trade bodies, and financial institutions
for their support.

US Bangladesh Advisory Council (USBAC) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization.  For over a
decade USBAC has been engaged in promoting US-Bangladesh relations and understanding, as
well as advising US trade, development and foreign policy towards Bangladesh.  USBAC was
instrumental in creating the Congressional Bangladesh Caucus in the US House of
Representatives and for contributing to several major pieces of trade and development legislation.

USBAC’s Diaspora Engagement Initiative that aims to:

1-      Engage the American Bangladeshi diaspora in US policies and programs focused in  
Bangladesh, and
2-      Connect them, specifically young professionals, to their professional counterparts in
Bangladesh in the hope that working relationships can be forged.

USBAC hopes that the American Bangladeshi diaspora can use this initiative as a platform to
engage in investment, trade, philanthropy, knowledge-sharing, joint ventures and volunteerism as
well as stimulate the economic and cultural relationship between the United States and

The initiative aims to explore the full potential of the American Bangladeshi diaspora in diplomacy
and development, since diaspora members are natural ambassadors by identity.

Shamarukh Mohiuddin, Executive Director of USBAC said: “Our Bangladeshi-American delegates
have expertise in areas including IT, media, financial markets, healthcare, power and energy,
economic development, law, human rights, education, labor, nutrition, import/export, real estate,
gender.  We cannot tell in advance what kind of collaboration will be forged but it is our hope that it
can come in the form of investment facilitation, legal support, knowledge-sharing, support for
education/health/energy/infrastructure/fellowship programs, secondments, and any other
productive endeavors. A lot of the participants have very interesting ideas for ways in which they
can contribute to development in Bangladesh.”

Shabbir Ahmed Chowdhury, Chair of US Bangladesh Advisory Council, who is the founder of the
organization said:  “We believe that the Americans of Bangladeshi origin can contribute to
development in Bangladesh in unique ways and so can their Bangladeshi counterparts in the
United States. Strong relationship can be achieved only with a two way traffic, there is a lot of
untapped potential here.”  He has called for a National Convention of the American Bangladeshi
Diaspora to be held in Washington, D.C., in Spring or Fall of 2013.
More information on USBAC can be found at and on Facebook at http://www.
U.S. Bangladesh Advisory Council