Shabbir Ahmed Chowdhury, Founder and Chairman of the Board

Bangladeshi American community activist working to engage communities
nationwide in mainstream political activities such as volunteering in national, state
and county elections; Worked to form and generate support for the Congressional
Bangladesh Caucus in the US House of Representatives;  Promoted the
Bangladeshi-American community’s interest  with the Congress and the White
House; Successfully persuaded officials to include Bangladesh in a visit by
President Bill Clinton; Represented Bangladesh at numerous State Department
programs;  Member of the official Bangladesh trade delegation led by Bangladesh
Commerce Minister to meet US administration officials and members of congress;
Promoted trade preferences for Bangladesh with the US administration, Congress,
think tanks and NGOs;  Testified on behalf of Bangladesh at USTR hearings on
GSP benefits for Bangladesh; Played key role in arranging the participation of Nobel
laureate Muhammed Yunus of Grameen Bank in a Senate hearing on continued US
trade preference for least and developing countries;  Worked with Bangladeshi
Americans, Bangladeshi Europeans and Bangladeshis living in the Middle East to
establish a “probashi welfare trust” to represent the interest of non-resident
Bangladeshis, and establish human skill development centers;  Self employed
business owner;  Married with one son;  Enjoys meeting people and learning about
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