Shamarukh Mohiuddin, Executive Director

Shamarukh Mohiuddin is the Executive Director of the U.S.-Bangladesh Advisory
Council where she leads the organization's programs, operations and policy advocacy
initiatives. U.S.-Bangladesh Advisory Council is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization
that works to strengthen the relationship between the U.S. and Bangladesh and aims
to stimulate economic development in Bangladesh through dialogue and public policy.

Prior to joining USBAC, Ms. Mohiuddin served as Director at the Trade, Aid and Security
Coalition (TASC) and the Business Council for Global Development (BCGD) where she
managed policy development and programs. She was responsible for developing
ideas on trade and development policy, briefing policymakers on global development
issues and managing a coalition of diverse stakeholders including NGOs and
businesses. Ms. Mohiuddin also served as Director at Fontheim International, LLC, a
leading consulting firm focused on government relations, public policy and corporate
social responsibility. She also served as a Fellow at GlobalWorks Foundation, a
nonprofit organization devoted to improving the lives of the global poor through trade
and development policies.

Prior to that, Ms. Mohiuddin was a Research Associate at the Democratic Leadership
Council and Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) where she formulated ideas for
policymakers on international trade, foreign policy, energy and environmental policy
issues. Ms. Mohiuddin has authored numerous articles and policy reports on topics
including trade policy, corporate social responsibility, labor standards, global
development, and climate change, some of which have been cited in the press. She
also published a journal article in the Georgetown Public Policy Review on
microfinance and clean energy. Ms. Mohiuddin has also worked for the Council on
Foreign Relations, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and the World Bank.

Ms. Mohiuddin has a Masters in International Relations from Johns Hopkins University,
School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and BA and BS degrees in
International Affairs and Financial Economics from the University of Maine.
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